Apartment Block

Block of 4 family-sized flats with shared terrace.

Location: Sant Pere de Ribes, Spain
Status:  Building approval received
Delivery: 2008
Client: Developer
Built up area: 1200 m2
Project team: M. Tepedino, E. Rovira, N. Toribio, C. Zappulla
Collaborators: P. Brandao, M. Norite

Three brothers inherited their old family home in Sant Pere de Ribes, Spain. They decided to knock down the existing house and build a new and extended structure comprising 4 self-contained apartments; one each of them and their new families and one for their mother. Local regulations permitted an increase in volume up to a certain level and also stipulated that each floor had to have less ‘built’ or ‘lived in’ surface area than the floor below.
The final shape was attained by ‘cutting out’ pieces from the ground floor footprint to form terraces, balconies and courtyards in order to have less built surface area on the upper levels.
Each individual apartment has its own private terrace and the rooftop is a shared solarium.